The Adventures of Cheyenne and Emma

Who needs a bath…

Posted on: August 18, 2009

…when you can roll on a freshly used towel?

Emma mid-roll on Mom's towel

Emma mid-roll on Mom's towel

I love, love, love towels.  When mom or dad gets out of the shower I like to rub myself on their feet until they put the towel on the floor for me.  Those are my favorite towels.  I don’t really like taking a bath so this does the trick for me.

When they are on the floor on laundry day I like to roll in them and bury myself in the pile.  Laundry day towels aren’t as much fun because they don’t smell like mom and dad but they are still fluffy!

Cheyenne thinks I’m crazy…but I’m not sure if that’s just because of the towels.

More rolling

More rolling

Does anyone else like to roll in towels?  Or maybe you like to burry yourself in the sheets?  What do you like to do?


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3 Responses to "Who needs a bath…"

I don’t like towels much cause they mean a bath. When mom showers I just bark and bark just in case somebody is thinking about bothering her. Sometimes I stand outside the shower and bark as loud as I can and pee on the rug so those burglars will know not to fool with me!!!

We bark a lot when mom is in the shower so that everyone knows that that even though she’s busy we’re still protecting the house. We would get in bunches of trouble though if we peed on the rug so we try to avoid that. Thanks for sharing!!

Well.. I get in trouble for the rug peeing too but Mom doesn’t get as mad when it is the bathroom rug cause she can wash it.

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