The Adventures of Cheyenne and Emma

Who are Cheyenne and Emma?

Hi!  We’re Cheyenne and Emma, two awesome dogs from Upstate New York.  Here is a little about us:

Cheyenne is a laid back 3 year old Boxer/Mastiff mix (with maybe some Great Dane) who was rescued from the Mohawk and Hudson River Humane Society a few years ago.  She has an obsession with rocks and tries to collect as many as she can in her house.  She also loves stick and swimming.  When she’s not on duty paroling the street in front of the house from her window, she likes to lounge on her couch (most of the time upside-down) or chew a bone.  Cheyenne can be very opinionated and tends to sit back in her chair and give you a look when she doesn’t agree with you.  Most of all, she loves to cuddle.

Emma is a hyperactive 3 year old Maltese/Apricot Poodle mix.  Weighing in at 11 pounds she may be small but she’s got a lot of pip.  She loves stuffed toys and chasing Daisy (one of the cats).  She is always giving kisses and isn’t afraid to cuddle.  She’s starting to like the water and swimming but isn’t sure yet.  She’s certainly not the brightest crayon in the box but boy is he lovable.

Thanks for joining us at The Adventures (or Lack of) Cheyenne and Emma.  We’ll post as often as we can (it’s not easy to type with paws and Cheyenne has to check all Emma’s post for spelling errors) about our adventures and news from the dog world.  You can also catch us on twitter!  We hope you enjoy the blog!!


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